PO Box 72195, Newnan, GA 30271, US

Welcome to ECA


Elderly Transportation and Doctor Office Escort 

About Us

Why we exist...

We provide the best transportation for seniors. We service Coweta County, Fayette County and also the southern portion of Fulton County. 

ECA Solutions was formed to bring about effective, convenient, and affordable solutions to some of the expensive and unexpected inconveniences we find ourselves facing as we get older.   

For example, most of us never thought a simple drive to the doctor or the grocery store would be a hassle. But as we get older, sometimes, it's best that we do not get behind the wheel. Today's traffic is much more reckless than it used to be.   

Also, when we get to the doctor, they give so many instructions and prescribe so many medications that its hard to keep up.   Many of the medications are hard to pronounce, let alone remember what they are for.

ECA is here to help.  

What we do...

ECA provides:

1. Transportation throughout Coweta and Fayette Counties

2. A companion service for doctor visits

3. A sitter service for when care givers have to go to work or  run errands

The best news of all is that we do it at an affordable price